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Why become a YRP into rail ambassador?

By volunteering as an ambassador you will:

  • Play a part in addressing the skills gap in rail
  • Engage and enthuse young people about working in rail
  • Raise awareness of the diverse opportunities in rail careers
  • Help transform the image of rail into an exciting place where young people can have a huge impact
  • Influence the way the rail industry recruit the next generation
  • Develop your presentation, leadership and communications skills
  • Meet like-minded people and network with young professionals from other organisations


How much time do I have to commit / how many presentations do I have to give?
into rail activities are entirely voluntary and any time you decide to give to it is completely up to yourself. There is no remit to complete a certain number of activities in a year. If an activity is confirmed in your area, you will be contacted by your regional representative and then have the choice to volunteer if you have the time.

Are travel expenses reimbursed?
Travel expenses can be reimbursed through Young Rail Professionals (YRP) if the journey you have to take to the presentation is outside of your normal commute zone.

What time of day am I required to volunteer?
This will depend on the event or request from a school. Once a date and time has been confirmed, volunteers will be contacted to see who is available to present. There is no pressure in this regard to commit unless you are available.

Ambassadors are encouraged to organise your own presentation, event with your local school or your previous school as you’ll be able to make arrangement based on a date and time that suits you and the organisation you are volunteering with.

I’ve never worked with young people before and don’t know what to expect…
Activities can be arranged with at least two ambassadors as this also helps provides a broader overview of the rail industry. into rail will also aim to provide workshops and guidance sessions when and where this is required. Speak to us at