Collaborators Description

The Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) is the global professional engineering institution for railway signal and control systems engineering. It exists to promote interest, understanding and learning in the technology and practice for railway operation and the control of trains for all types of railway.The IRSE and it’s Younger Members section hold a programme of regular lectures, training days, seminars and technical visits in order to educate younger members within the institution and aid attainment of Member status. The IRSE actively supports Young Rail Professionals in promoting cross profession and institution networking. In addition, the IRSE supports YRP’s involvement with NSARE and STEMNET, promoting the rail industry to children with the aim of inspiring the next generation. Our representative ensures the views of the IRSE are represented within YRP, aids communication and directly supports YRP’s activities and success, and holds a parallel position on the IRSE Younger Members committee.