Corporate Member

The railway is a complex system with multiple interfaces delivered by many different organisations. At RSSB we bring these different organisations together to make collective decisions. We help the rail industry carry out research, understand risk, set standards and improve performance. And we provide a constant point of reference in a changing environment.

We support rail in the areas of safety, standards, knowledge, innovation and a wide range of cross-industry schemes requiring our knowledge and independence. Our work involves close collaboration, but as technical experts we’re also able to step back and provide an informed view.
And because we can see both the big picture and the detail, we’re able to furnish the industry with the information and tools it needs to continuously improve.

We’re an expert body with a wide compass of knowledge, skills and experience. We’re owned by the industry but are non profit-making and independent of any commercial interests. We span the whole system, including in our membership infrastructure companies, train and freight operators, rolling stock owners and suppliers to the industry. Together we provide collective wisdom for a better railway.