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PWI: Advances in Welding Technology

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Presented by Dr. Bernhard Lichtberger

 In order to meet increased quality requirements for a mobile flash-butt welding process Plasser & Theurer fully re-engineered the flash-butt welding process. The result of this development is the APT 1500 R welding robot which offers a fully automatic and reproducible welding process, excluding any human errors.

Another advance in technology is the ability of the APT 1500 R to perform closure welds without an additional pulling device. The new pulsation welding process with uniformly oscillating rail ends brings a number of advantages such as shorter burn-off lengths and less time needed for welding. This enables closure welds to be performed with minimal difference to the neutral temperature and also reduces the length of track where rail fastenings have to be removed


This is a PWI London Section Event

Tea and coffee will be served from17.30

This event is free and open to all: visitors welcome

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