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Vehicle Acceptance and Approvals

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This workshop will equip delegates with a basic understanding of vehicle acceptance procedures including authorisation processes and vehicle acceptance bodies.

Delegates will be introduced to the relevant safety management systems and authorisation procedures as well as the latest European Union directives.

Attending this event will help you:

  • After attending this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the historical development of rolling stock acceptance processes from the days of British Rail to the present day

  • Explain the current rolling stock acceptance processes for each type of railway system in the above scope

  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the organisations involved

  • Explain the techniques and methodologies used to analyse vehicle system safety by the VAB/NOBO/ISA/NRAP and their counterparts in other railway systems

  • Identify and explain the types and function of the principal documents relating to rolling stock acceptance

Technical Advantages

Mapped against UK- SPEC Competencies

This course has been mapped to the Engineering Council's UK-SPEC. Attendance at this course may contribute to your portfolio of competence to demonstrate Initial Professional Development (IPD): a key component of the requirement for registration as a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer. It has been mapped against competencies: C & E

Who should attend?

  • Recent graduates moving into traction and rolling stock

  • Non traction and rolling stock engineers moving into new roles within traction and rolling stock

  • Production and Engineering managers new to the industry

  • Infrastructure and asset managers

  • Accident investigators

  • Design and Maintenance traction and rolling stock engineers wanting to learn or refresh in specific traction and rolling stock discipline

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