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INCOSE: The changing face of London and Southeast Railway Systems Architecture

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incoseukThe changing face of London and Southeast Railway Systems Architecture, Tony Ramanathan, Network Rail, 1730H, Tuesday, 21st May 2013, RSSB's offices at the Angel, London. Tony will discuss GRIP and Network Rail's approach to railway scheme design in the context of schemes that are under way and planned.

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The objectives of the "INCOSE UK Rail Interest Group" are:

  • To provide a forum for those interested in Systems Engineering in rail to network in a less formal environment, to exchange good practice and to provide mutual support in an area which can require some sustained perseverance;

  • To promote, improve and share the practice of Systems Engineering within the rail industry;

  • To foster connections with other professional bodies within rail and thereby promote cross fertilisation of knowledge and experience across sectors and community disciplines; and

  • To promote awareness of INCOSE UK and encourage membership within the rail industry.

Note: In pursuing its objectives the Group shall take a broad view of rail, including heavy rail, metros and light rail and including both the operational railway and its supply chain.

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