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Safety management at level crossings

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PrintThe 6,500 level crossings in the UK help minimise the safety risk caused by users of footpaths and roads crossing rail lines. With 9 fatalities in the UK in 2012, level crossings continue to present a significant risk. The rail industry is continuously working to improve the management of level crossings.


Peter Grace, Senior Consultant, Interfleet Technology Ltd

  • Managing a collision Incident

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Unit Repair

  • Safeguarding the Train Operating Company

  • Affect of incident on train service

Peter is a degree qualified, apprentice trained engineer with over 20 years experience in the rail industry specialising in traction and rolling stock safety / non safety critical mechanical and electrical investigations, modifications and risk management predominantly on class 313s, 317s, 322s and 365s.

As Technical Manager for Bombardier, he managed a team of Support Engineers in the day to day maintenance of the Class 365s and has successfully provided asset management for class 365s and recently managed the Class 365 C4 project on behalf of First Capital Connect. He used the skills gained in this project to successfully manage the repair of Class 365 crash damaged units via in house repair and Railcare.

Nigel Randell, Senior Engineer – Crashworthiness, Bombardier Transportation

  • Risks posed by impacts between rail and road vehicles on level crossings

  • Risks to train; risks to driver; risks to passengers

  • Risk mitigation by structural design

  • Previous standard GM/RT2100, 9.4

  • Current standard EN15227, scenario 3

  • Aims of current standard, development

  • Examples

Nigel graduated in 1987 from then Hatfield Polytechnic, BEng Mechanical Engineering. He has 5 years in Aerospace (satellites & launchers) – materials R&D, Stress Office and 10 years at Cranfield Impact Centre – crashworthiness consultancy across a range of industry sectors; automotive, aerospace, rail, defence, motorsport.

Nigel joined Bombardier in 2002 as crashworthiness engineer, now Divisional Specialist supporting local bids and project work for structural and interior crash safety – also supporting range of projects globally (Europe, North America, Australia).

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