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IMechE: Investment Analysis & the Engineer Webinar

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12:00 PM
Understanding the basics of investment analysis is a key issue for developing engineering leaders. This webinar will introduce basics concepts of investment analysis and will offer a simple model for engineers to use; it will be built on in the future with more in depth financial topics. The webinar will focus on what engineers need to know and why they need to know it in their roles.

What are the benefits that an understanding of Investment Analysis brings for an Engineer?

1.        Credibility in more senior business discussions
2.        Ability to identify the right investment assumptions to focus on
3.        Understand the conversation in assessing the value of a major project
4.        Be able to improve a business case, or spot issues related to delivering value

This webinar is free to watch, book your place at https://events.imeche.org/ViewEvent?e=6945

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