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IMechE Railway Division: Young Engineers & Apprentices Railway Seminar 2019

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2 Lister St, Birmingham B7 4AG
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9:00 AM
The railway is a complex system with a vast network of different stakeholders. Each year, the Young Engineers and Apprentices Railway Seminar (YEARS) provides those new to the industry with the opportunity early in their careers to make sense of this confusing system and its constituent parts, network with peers from other stakeholders and foster a more collaborative approach to solving problems in the future.

The theme in 2019 is ‘delivering a sustainable railway’. Rail travel may be seen as a more environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, however there are major challenges to overcome in order not only to reduce emissions and protect the environment, but also to make the supply chain more sustainable and competitive.

The drive for sustainability lies at the very heart of the industry’s forward planning and informs decisions made at every stage of the process. It is therefore vital that tomorrow’s industry leaders gather the relevant knowledge and connections early on in their careers. YEARS 2019 will explore the principal challenges and delve into some of the projects already underway to make the industry more environmentally sustainable, more efficient and more competitive for the benefit of future customers.

As a platform to learn more about the railway industry through a range of presentations from industry leaders, interactive workshops and invaluable networking opportunities – at very affordable prices – there is no better event than YEARS.

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