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YRP London & South East: Mental Wealth Café - Mental Health in Rail [Eventbrite Sign Up Only]

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RSSB, The Helicon, 1 South Place, London, EC2M 2RB
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6:00 PM
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This event is kindly sponsored by RSSB.
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Our aims for this event:
Brave It: To enable open and honest discussions about the mental health of our workforce.
Accept It: To reduce and remove stigma surrounding mental health and raise awareness about the range of conditions, range of causes and the consequences of them on our staff and on our businesses.
Find Solutions For It: To connect attendees with pre-existing solutions, resources and knowledge.
Embed It: To embed new ways of being into our everyday lives, and see and celebrate the impact that it has.

Speakers and Round Table Hosts include: Wendy McCristal (Head of Human Factors, Tracsis) Neil Franklin (NSAR), Michelle O'Sullivan (Mental Wellbeing Specialist RSSB), Alison and Sarah (Mental Health Wellbeing Consultancy) & Andy Elwood (Mental Health First Aider Training).

Event timings:
- 17.15 – 18.00 – Registration and networking ( teas, coffees and light refreshments)
- 18.00 – 18.05 – Welcome address and introduction
- 18.05 – 19.05 – Speaker presentations
- 19.05 – 19.35 – Round table discussions
- 19.35 -19.40 – Closing remarks
- 19.40 – 20.10 – Networking reception ( Alcoholic Beverages and Canapés)

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