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YRP London & South East: Welcome to Rail [Eventbrite Sign Up Only]

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Jacobs, Cotton Centre, SE1 2QG
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6:00 PM
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Every year young people from a diverse range of backgrounds join the rail industry through a wide range of pathways, including the many apprentice and graduate schemes. Starting out on their careers, many are unaware of the impact that working in the rail industry can have. Working in rail provides many opportunities to develop as an individual and make significant contributions to our communities. This event will demonstrate this with presentations from a range of individuals who were not so long ago new to the industry themselves.

YRP have hand picked a number of Guest Speakers to present their careers and achievements so far. All our speakers hail from different parts of the industry, but all share one thing in common – an inspiring story and a fascinating story.

The presentations will be followed by networking drinks providing an opportunity for attendees to meet their fellow peers who have just joined the industry and gain further insight and advice from our speakers who will be on hand to discuss their experiences further.


18.00: Welcome and refreshments

18.30: Presentations and questions

1945: Networking drinks reception

2100: Event close

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David McCann

(Niall) Theo Shinnick


Wasim Ahmed

Hayley Bishop

Noah Arthur

Leia-Janine Bromfield-Peltier