September’s Young Rail Professional of the Month

September’s Young Rail Professional of the month is Lee Bennett, Talent Sourcing Specialist at ATA Recruitment

Name: Lee Bennett

Interesting fact about you:I won a gold medal for Shooting. I was representing Great Britain at the World Long Range Championships in Ohio, USA 2015

Current Job Title & Employer:Talent Sourcing Specialist, ATA Recruitment

Length of time in the Rail industry:1 year 6 months

How did you get into the rail industry:I spent the last year of my Army career working within the recruitment function and therefore moving into recruitment was a natural step. As a lot of Ex-Forces Technicians / Engineers want to move into the Rail industry, it makes sense for me to aid them with their job hunt!

What attracted you to the rail industry?: The most attractive part of the Rail industry for me, is the variety of career routes available. Whether you are working for a TOC, OEM, ROSCO or even a consultancy, there are plenty of options for you to explore.

What’s your favourite part of your job?:There are many great things about working in the sector I do. I really enjoy being able to coach and mentor people through the interview process and notifying them of getting their desired role is very rewarding. On the opposite side to that, I meet with the employers that are having trouble with their own recruitment and offer advice and multiple solutions which, in turn, enables their company to grow. Something I do take massive pride in however, is keeping in contact with individuals I helped get a job in the Rail industry and being told about their promotions, it makes me realise I am helping people find careers!

What’s your favourite thing about being a member of young rail professionals?:Networking! Being able to go to events where you can meet and socialise with people who share similar interests. I have helped numerous people through networking events like this and its always nice to meet people face to face rather than talking to them via LinkedIn, Emails or on the phone.


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