WFH Profile: James Hill

Remote working is certainly an interesting concept when operating within the rail industry. In our series of Working From Home (WFH) Profiles, our YRP members describe how they are embracing this concept and adapting their collaborative methods to ensure that they deliver to their respective roles. Our second WFH Profile has been submitted by James Hill.

James Hill – Fleet Engineer – Eversholt UK Rails Group Ltd

Accounts and Strategic Partnerships Manager – YRP National Executive

My role involves a lot of technical discussion, change control, trend analysis and strategic development. This lends its self to being able to work wherever my equipment is setup. I am also fortunate as the stakeholders I engage with regularly are all based in the North of England, so working remotely and connecting via video link is something I am well accustomed to.

Over the lockdown period Eversholt Rail have been successfully conducting business as usual by hosting meetings online, ensuring secure connection to servers and adopting a flexible approach to working hours. This allows the employees to balance personal restrictions of working from home, such as child care, with the demands of their daily work load. I’m very grateful to work for a company that can support its employees through this period and also for the sense of normality that the working day can bring. It provides a focus for the day and means that the time passes quickly.

It’s great to be playing my part in ensuring the railway can meet the demands of key workers during this unprecedented time. It’s also important, however, that we keep an eye on the future and ensure we are ready for the time when demand will ramp up again following the period of lockdown.

I, for one, am looking forward to the time when we can all get out and about again and turn our online meetings into face to face interactions.

Stay safe everyone and all the best!


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