WFH Profile: Martyn Ross

Remote working is certainly an interesting concept when operating within the rail industry. In our series of Working From Home (WFH) Profiles, our YRP members describe how they are embracing this concept and adapting their collaborative methods to ensure that they deliver to their respective roles. This week, our WFH Profile has been submitted by Martyn Ross.

Martyn Ross – Operations Project Manager – Racon Consult 

YRP: Regional Chair, Scotland

My role involves a lot of project work, process implementation, commercial activity and market analysis which has been great to carry out from my home environment. Removing the hustle and bustle that comes with the daily routine, the stress that busy city centres bring and the expectation to remain mentally intact throughout a long day in society has been refreshing and has given me a whole new perspective on home working and bringing the rail industry further into the digital age. It’s been excellent to see so many people embracing technology like Microsoft Teams and Zoom which has helped keep so many businesses across the industry and world moving as usual.

I am fortunate enough to work for a company that has been able to continue working from home and successfully supporting our clients throughout this global pandemic. Through the geographical reach that Racon has, our team can work with ease anywhere in the world and our infrastructure has been able to support this.

For me personally, working from home has been an excellent opportunity to reflect, refocus and look after my mental and physical health. It’s also been interesting to learn more about how businesses can interact out of the norm and how this could be utilised and improved on in the future.

I’m looking forward to seeing more ideas flowing into the rail industry following this pandemic and how we can continue to make things better for the future.

Stay safe and all the best!