The Big Rail Diversity Challenge, is a nationwide competition run by Women in Rail and organised by Nimble Media. This event is nationwide and open to all companies in the rail industry. The aim; to recognise diversity in rail be it gender, ability or background.

45 teams took part this year, up by 50% from last year. Each team comprised of 10 members with an equal gender split. All teams took part in 14 out of 28 challenges which included, hover crafting, quad biking, duck herding and a bath tub racing.

The day began from 09:30 which included breakfast and networking followed by the event introduction. From that point on it was all systems go, go, go!

With only minutes to switch challenges and understand the task brief, teams were pressed to communicate, learn and carry out tasks. At every stage of the event participants learned how to;

–          Work as a team

–          Utilise effective communication

–          Appreciate others strengths

–          Motivate each other

–          Collaborate

In attending the event, it was obvious that the day inspired a real sense of fun and collaboration. It was a pleasure to see so many smiling faces, laughter and high team spirits, highlighting the sense of togetherness and growing commitment to diversity apparent within the rail industry.

Paul Case, National Chairman of YRP attended the event and noted that it was  “a hugely enjoyable day which carries with it the important message that balanced gender diversity strengthens teams and enhances organisations.”

National External Relations Manager, Olivia White, said “It was like sports day for adults! Everyone was focused on having fun, working together and encouraging one another”

We can’t wait to see what new challenges the day will bring next year and look forward to supporting this great event!