What is YRP?

Young Rail Professionals (YRP) was founded in 2009 to promote, inspire and develop the next generation of railway talent. It was set up and continues to be run by volunteers keen to promote the industry internally to peers and externally to attract people into the sector.

YRP brings together people from all aspects of the industry, whether they are involved in engineering, asset management, train operations, strategic planning, maintenance, franchising, regulation, marketing or human relations.

How ‘young’ is young?

YRP’s aim is to gather all professionals working in the rail industry, from various background, gender and age. There is therefore no age limit to join YRP. We tend to aim our development events to professionals within their first 10 years in the industry. For example,  some of our members started their career in another industry (automotive, aerospace etc..) and only recently join the rail industry.

How much does it cost?

YRP is free to become a member (simply register on our website www.youngrailpro.com) and we do not charge for our professional development events. Some networking events are subsidised through our corporate partners.

How do you become a member?

Simply register on the website www.youngrailpro.com. Once you have a login you can sign up for upcoming events on our events page www.youngrailpro.com/events.

How do you become a committee member?

YRP is run by passionate volunteers, based across the country. If you are interested in joining our regional committees, please get in touch with the regional chairs to know the positions currently available, or look at our vacancies page:

  • London & South East (London): julianna.moats@youngrailpro.com
  • East Midlands (Derby): david keating@youngrailpro.com
  • West Midlands (Birmingham): micheal.charteris@youngrailpro.com
  • Western (Swindon, Bristol): kevin.oconnor@youngrailpro.com
  • North West (Manchester, Liverpool): sofia.angelara@youngrailpro.com
  • North East (York): kevin.gardener@youngrailpro.com
  • Scotland (Glasgow): nikki.anderson@youngrailpro.com

Each region has its own committee that meets monthly to plan events within the region. The regional chairs also sit on the YRP Executive Committee.

How do you become a corporate member?

YRP offers a wide range of Corporate Membership package, to be accessible to multinational companies as well as SMEs. Please get in touch with Carl Soutra, National External Relations manager, for more details: (carl.soutra@youngrailpro.com).

Corporate Members are organisations and companies that work in the industry.  With the strong support of our Corporate Members we are able to promote, inspire and  develop the careers of our Young Rail Professional members. See our corporate members page www.youngrailpro.com/corporate-members/

Where are the events based?

YRP currently has 7 regions:

  • London & South East (London),
  • East Midlands (Derby),
  • West Midlands (Birmingham),
  • Western (Swindon, Bristol),
  • North West (Manchester, Liverpool),
  • North East (York) and
  • Scotland (Glasgow).

This allows us to run events across the country.

What is an Ambassador?

The YRP Ambassadors Programme is one of YRP’s valuable deliverables for the rail industry. The YRP Ambassadors provide a positive and insightful outreach presence in schools, colleges, and universities on behalf of the rail industry. We are the face of our industry, promoting and inspiring the next generation into rail. This programme is here to support the development, expansion and maintenance of a first-class, cost effective, 21st Century railway.

YRP Ambassadors come from all areas of the industry and represents all levels from frontline personnel to senior management and key decisions maker. For more information see  https://www.youngrailpro.com/ambassadors/

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please get in touch with May-Ann Lew, National Ambassador manager: mayann.lew@youngrailpro.com

I’ve got a great idea for an event, how can this be organised?

We are always on the hunt for new event ideas: if you have an areas which you would like to know more about or would like to host an event, with YRP support, please contact David Buttigieg, National Networking & Development manager: david.buttigieg@youngrailpro.com