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into rail is a university engagement initiative that aims to address the current skills gap in the UK by linking university students directly to the professionals and organisations within the rail industry. into rail is an improved engagement programme building on the successes of the Routes into Rail University Presentation Programme (RiRUPP) which has been running since autumn 2014. The programme has already reached hundreds of university students and also enabled several undergraduate industry placements. into rail aims to expand its reach to more students and universities, and significantly improve the quality of engagement by developing and managing a network between universities and the rail industry.

into rail is delivered by Young Rail Professionals (YRP) on behalf of the rail industry through Routes into Rail (RiR), a sub-group of the National Skills Academy for Railway (NSAR) Industry Promotion Steering Group (IPSG) to help facilitate the implementation of the overall rail promotion strategy that is set by the IPSG.


Like other successful outreach and engagement programmes, YRP and RiR past successes are made possible by ambassadors from all over the rail industry volunteering their time and sharing their enthusiasm for working in rail with the students. If you were one of the YRP/RiRUPP ambassadors who presented at a university last academic term, thank you very much and we hope to have you join us again on this movement to raise the awareness of rail careers to students and educators.

Spread the word about into rail! Tell your employers and co-workers to join us. If you are an alumni with your previous university, please tell them about us or put us in touch with them so that we can spread this movement and reach more students and educators across the country. Lets inspire the next generation of rail professionals!


By volunteering with into rail you will:

  • Play a part in addressing the skills gap in rail
  • Help transform the image of rail into an exciting place where young people can have a huge impact
  • Develop your presentation skills
  • Engage and enthuse young people about working in rail
  • Raise awareness of the diverse opportunities in rail careers

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How much time do I have to commit / how many presentations do I have to give?

 is entirely voluntary and any time you decide to give to it is completely up to yourself. There is no remit to complete a certain number of presentations in a year. If a presentation is confirmed in your area, you will be contacted by your regional representative and then have the choice to volunteer if you have the time.

Are travel expenses reimbursed?

Travel expenses can be reimbursed through Young Rail Professionals (YRP) if the journey you have to take to the presentation is outside of your normal commute zone. Applications for reimbursement can be done by emailing

What time of day will presentations take place?

Presentations will be arranged for a time that suits the university and students. As stated, once a date and time has been confirmed, volunteers will be contacted to see who is available to present. There is no pressure in this regard to commit unless you are available.

Most presentations in the past have been late afternoon/evening so as not to clash with students’ lectures.

I’ve never presented to young people before and don’t know what to expect…

Presentations are arranged with at least two ambassadors as this removes some of the pressure of presenting and also provides a broader overview of the rail industry. If you would prefer to present on your own, please let us know.

We are aiming to set-up Presentation Skills Workshops in the coming months for those who want them and more information on these will be distributed once details are confirmed. Look out for one near you or contact us to request for a briefing session.


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