Who we are?

Young Rail Professionals (YRP) Ambassadors Programme is one of YRP’s valuable deliverable for the rail industry. The YRP Ambassadors provide a positive and insightful outreach presence in schools, colleges, and universities on behalf of the rail industry. We are the face of our industry, promoting and inspiring the next generation into rail. This programme is here to support the development, expansion and maintenance of a first-class, cost effective, 21st Century railway.

YRP Ambassadors come from all areas of the industry and represents all levels from frontline personnel to senior management and key decisions makers, Building upon YRP’s diverse membership, our ambassadors come from all over the business; Operations, Commercial, Engineering, Rolling Stock, Track, Signalling, Finance, Planning, Design, Legal, Retail, Construction, Recruitment, Software…….


Julianna Moats, YRP Public Relations and Communications Manager, explains the aims for the public profile of the Ambassadors programme, “Young employees represent the ‘face’ of their respective companies and of the wider industry, as they are shining examples of diversity and enthusiasm. It is hoped that employers will see the value in committing their graduates and apprentices to the YRP Ambassadors programme, as it offers a companies a way to engage with their young staff, providing them with an opportunity to share their career experiences and to represent their company as a leader in the rail market, in front of an audience of potential future employees.”

YRP Committee receive the award for Best Training and Development 2014

YRP Committee receive the award for Best Training and Development 2014

The Ambassadors programme is a recent winner of the Rail Exec “Most Interesting Training & Development Programme 2014”

What do we do?

YRP Ambassador Programme runs several projects throughout the year.

  • Routes into Rail University Presentation Programme (RiRUPP), a joint venture led by YRP Ambassadors. For more details, click here.
  • Provide rail presence at Career Fairs
  • School visits and outreach in partnership with STEMNet
  • Provide volunteers and support at STEM or rail promotion events such as Go4SET, Big Bang, TeenTech, Next Gen Rail etc

All our ambassadors brings along with them unique experience from their career in rail and great passion for the industry. See what opportunities are there at Ambassadors Opportunities.

Ambassador Salman Zafar, after volunteering at John Wilmott Secondary School, said: “The key to such activities is involving the kids. I brought along some props in the form of an inspection camera and some Overhead Line components and the kids were amazed by them; and this is what being an ambassador is all about, exciting and inspiring the next generation.”

Speak to us today at ambassadors@youngrailpro.com!